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02 December 2012

Anyone who still checks this blog, I have a new one that I've kept up for a year and a half. It's at the above link. For a while, the password to view it will be: "rainydays" . Comment here if you like the new blog.

01 August 2010


that's life
i guess
she blinked
and everything
was different

the people who
once knew her
inside and out
now look at her,
surprised by who
she became

the hand which
once wrapped
around hers
so perfectly
is now confining

the laughs which
once came so
easily now
are hollow and

that’s life
i guess
but she doesn’t understand

now she’s never
going to blink

24 February 2010

The truth

i once asked you
what happened to lost things
when they go missing
disappear into the chaotic world
never to be seen again

you told me
they went on an adventure
to find their true place in the world

i once asked you
where the rain came from
when it spewed from the sky
out of nowhere
only to stop as suddenly as it started

you told me
it was the tears of all the deceased
crying for the loved ones who remained behind

i once asked you
what made people laugh
why happiness manifests itself
as an uncontrollable guffaw

you told me
laughter is a device used by humans
to prove that the world is not as horrific
as it was intended to be

i once asked you
why people kill each other
strip people of the one thing
that should never be taken

you told me
the murderers were terrified of death
by killing people they thought
they had control over when it came and who it took

i once asked you
why i was allowed to have the whole world
when so many people
aren’t even given food or water
no blanket to hide their shivers

you told me
i was lucky
i was born in a place where anything is possible

i once asked you
why you always made up lies
in answer to all my questions
when all i wanted was the truth

you told me
you were only trying to protect me
from the reality

i never trusted you again

Wednesday's WISH

A Wish for Wednesday? Of course!

 I wish people would simply stop and think more often.

23 February 2010

Untitled (again)

This poem is a little different than most things I've posted. Bear with me here.

the only light in the room is
the rays from the street lamp
that find their way through the gaps in
the shutters

a single chime from a grandfather clock
echoes as a small child lays awake
with his eyes clenched tight while
images of demons dance in front of him

in the sudden silence
the soft pulsating of his blood startles him
he opens his eyes to find the source of the
noise and fear grasps at him
as he absorbs the looming darkness
knowing that monsters thrive in
the absence of light

he grabs around him
searching for his snowy tiger amidst
the sea of blankets
he finally feels the tiger and tucks it under his arm
covering its glass eyes
as he pulls himself into the fetal position that
fails to calm him

he rolls onto his stomach
squishes his nose in his pillow and
holds so tightly to his tiger that he
begins to shake as he
takes in the musty scent until he can
no longer breathe

he turns flat on his back and
realizing the lit up universe upon his ceiling
he spreads his arms and legs as wide as
is possible and calls himself an

the tiger thumps to the floor as the boy
lifts his chin to the sky and closes his eyes
breathing deeply as he dares
all the monsters in the world
to take him

whilst he is under the watchful eye of
his very own heaven

a Thought for Tuesday

Hello all! Tuesday means--Thinkin' day! So the "thought" for today is Childhood Innocence... Where does it go???

21 February 2010

You vs. Now

You don't look like yourself anymore
Where is that person I used to know?

the person who laughed
like the earth would if it could

the person whose eyes
held all the colors of the rainbow
and sparkled like the pot of gold waiting at the end of it

the person who spoke 
of happiness like it was always present

your laugh is 
dry, hollow and empty

your eyes are
dark and red

you speak of happiness like it's
always at one's fingertips
but never present

Who are you?
Where is the person I've always loved?