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23 February 2010

Untitled (again)

This poem is a little different than most things I've posted. Bear with me here.

the only light in the room is
the rays from the street lamp
that find their way through the gaps in
the shutters

a single chime from a grandfather clock
echoes as a small child lays awake
with his eyes clenched tight while
images of demons dance in front of him

in the sudden silence
the soft pulsating of his blood startles him
he opens his eyes to find the source of the
noise and fear grasps at him
as he absorbs the looming darkness
knowing that monsters thrive in
the absence of light

he grabs around him
searching for his snowy tiger amidst
the sea of blankets
he finally feels the tiger and tucks it under his arm
covering its glass eyes
as he pulls himself into the fetal position that
fails to calm him

he rolls onto his stomach
squishes his nose in his pillow and
holds so tightly to his tiger that he
begins to shake as he
takes in the musty scent until he can
no longer breathe

he turns flat on his back and
realizing the lit up universe upon his ceiling
he spreads his arms and legs as wide as
is possible and calls himself an

the tiger thumps to the floor as the boy
lifts his chin to the sky and closes his eyes
breathing deeply as he dares
all the monsters in the world
to take him

whilst he is under the watchful eye of
his very own heaven

1 comment:

  1. Wow, very powerful. Excellent piece. I read it twice.
    :) Robyn