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27 October 2009

Crouched Down

Crouched down
Holding onto her beliefs
Praying for them to send her a pathway
But knowing that they never will

Crouched down
Holding onto her dreams
Praying that monsters are not real
But knowing that devils live among us

Crouched down
Holding onto a stuffed animal
Praying for it to hug her back
Because she knows it is one thing that will never leave her

Crouched down
Holding onto the moments
Praying for the guilt to diminish
But knowing there is not enough time

Crouched down
Holding onto the possibilities
Praying for the pain to subside
Not knowing that pain is necessary

Crouched down
Holding onto her feelings
Praying that they will matter
But knowing that they never will

Crouched down
Holding onto the words
Praying for them to be true
But knowing that they are all lies

Crouched down
Holding onto her body
Praying for the shell to remain intact
When everything inside is shattered

Crouched down
Holding onto the future
Praying that someone will want her
But knowing that no one ever will

Crouched down
Holding onto her chest
Praying to feel the heartbeat
If only it would last forever

Crouched down
Trying to let go of the past
Praying for the ghosts to leave her alone
But knowing that the past always comes back to haunt you

Crouched down
Letting go of everything
Her prayers are unanswered
Her beliefs do not matter
Her dreams evaporate
The stuffed animal falls to the ground
The moments will not last forever
The possibilities disappear
Her feelings go unknown
She could not see the truth
Her shell was broken
The beats cease to thump
As the past consumes her forever


  1. In a strange way reading that made me feel better,
    if only because
    i know now,
    that Im not alone,
    because someone else feels how I do

  2. You write so beautifully! I too have felt like this, and your writings bring to mind all the feelings of depression. Keep writing, I find writing is a way to face our fears, and to destroy them.

    Beautiful Dreamer