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22 October 2009

Introduction and "Pain"

Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Honest, and I currently live in the 303 (aka Denver). Hopefully my first post finds you well. This first post is essentially an introduction to me and to what I'm hoping this blog will be about. I'm an aspiring writer, and so hopefully "Rainy Days" will be a place where I can post short stories and poems, and maybe some other styles of creative writing, and hopefully, I'll get some feedback!

My first poem published on this blog will be one I wrote a while ago, and it sort of explains why I write.


The pain felt
the need for something
I try to scream
but nothing comes out
my voice is gone

All that remains
is a piece of paper
a pencil
and the pain

1 comment:

  1. I like your stuff. I write this under your pain one its the third verse of a song I wrote

    I still Love sweet Love like life and really Its all I can afford

    I've been searching for miles or weeks and years now I think I'm just a ghost

    But pain lept up inside and said I'm making love a Home

    On a Journey for the Journey's sake Till I rest my weary bones