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03 November 2009


Death really freaks me out, this horrible occurrence that happens to randomly.

I hate that I'll never see you again, that your existence, your being, you, is gone forever.  I hate not being able to wonder what you're doing right now, not being able to wonder where you are or how you're doing.  I hate not being about to have one last conversation with you, not being able to tell you goodbye and that I love you.  I hate the fact that you're gone--forever--and that no matter how much I cry, hope, dream and will, you will never, ever say my name again.  But most of all, I hate that this world is going to erase you almost instantly, that soon, even your memory will have faded into nothing.  I hate that your entire existence will have turned to dust and been wiped away, like you were never anything important. 

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