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10 November 2009

You won't be here

      You hug me, too short and I don't want you to ever let go.  For a moment, that nasty thought enters my mind, and I begin to wonder how much you really care.  But then, I feel warmth blowing in my ear.  "You take care of yourself, OK?" A whisper, so the other won't hear.  Our secret. 
       But why do you care?  You won't be here to see me, tomorrow or the next day.  You won't be here to see me in a week, a month, a year...if I make it that long... You won't be here to see how bad it may get, how much deeper I may sink.  

But what's worse--you won't be here to see me if I succeed.  And that's your fault, and your fault alone. 

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