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07 November 2009

Excerpts from the Diary of a Depressed Teenager (#2)

I always told myself that I'd be something bigger...something better...something more than "just me."  I thought that if I kept believing that, it would eventually come true.  But it never did.  I'm still me, still nothing, and I doubt I'll ever become anything more. 

Have you ever been scared to look in the mirror because you don't recognize yourself?  That's me... Only for me, it's worse.  This person I have become--this person I don't recognize--is the person I always dreamed of being.  Only now that I'm her, I want to be me again. 

She is tarnished by people, people who talk to her, in her head.  These people feed her lies about how horrible she is, and she believes them, because she has never been told otherwise.

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