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01 November 2009

My Fault

Everything is my fault...

When there is blame to be placed
it is placed on me
even if
I didn't do
anything wrong

When someone is upset
he/she is always upset with me
even if
I tried
my hardest

When something goes wrong
I am responsible
even if 
I am the one
who is hurt

When I get hurt
it is my fault
even though
I did 
everything possible

Everything is my fault...

Everything cannot possibly be my fault.  It just can't be.  So then...
...why is it?...

1 comment:

  1. only the strongest can stand tall while baring the weight of the world on thier back.

    It is your fault,
    because you can hold the blame, that so few dare to take on themselves.

    Many make excuses for the weakness they hide behind, fearing ridicule and shame,
    so they throw the blame at others.

    You're not alone,
    there are others that walk strong and proclaim, it is thier fault
    tho they know it is not