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16 November 2009

This One Moment

Life is too fast

I've been waiting for this
one moment
for as long as
I can remember
and I don't want
it to ever end

This is where I belong
in this moment
with you

Time needs to stop
I need to be able
to pause my life
at this moment
when I'm with you

Let me explain:

I've been living
only for this moment
this one

Living for this

Once it's over
what will there be
to live for?

I'll have nothing left

Will I be able to
physically keep moving?

Is it possible to keep breathing
if your heart stops hoping and
your mind stops working?

Is it possible to keep breathing
if your heart is shattered
and your mind is mush?

I need to stop life
at this one moment

I won't have a life
worth living

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