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11 November 2009


We all need someone
who will believe in us
who will trust us and love us
who will hope when we hope
hurt when we hurt
thrive when we thrive
cry when we cry
live as we live 

But what about those of us 
who have no one? 

If we hope
no one cares
if we hurt
no one cares
if we cry
no one cares

If we live
no one cares

So then
we can die

And no one will care

That's me
I don't need to live
I have no one to live for
no one who wants me to live

And if you have no one to live for
you have nothing to live for


  1. Honest303,
    I have something for you on my blog.
    Check my post "My First Award".
    Congrats. :)