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10 November 2009


You lost your chance--you weren't there to see me succeed, and I hope you regret that.  It's your own fault, you chose to leave.  You won't get to see me when I'm all grown-up, and happy.  You won't get to know the real me, the one who isn't afraid of anything, the one who loves taking risks, loves new things, loves the thrill of not knowing what will happen.  You won't get to see that I live just to laugh. 

You lost your chance.  But what's worse, is that you robbed me of my chance. 

I didn't know it was possible to hurt like this.

I never wanted to say goodbye, but you forced me to.  You robbed me of my chance to redeem myself in your eyes, and every day...every fucking day...I wish for the second chance to fix the mess I created. 

Life goes on. 

But I find myself having major issues moving forward. 

I didn't know it was possible to hope like this. 

I hope for so many things... Mainly that I'll see you again someday, that I'll finally get my second chanc.e 

I miss you.  I hope you know that.  I wish I could talk to you, if only for a moment, a second.  You lost your chance, you robbed me of mine, and yet...

I still wish we could celebrate together someday. 

It's too hard to say goodbye. 

I'm going to "wow" you... Just you wait.
Just you wait.

Separation is hell.


  1. Not sure if it'll mean anything to you but your writing 'wow'd' me.

  2. heart rending for its honesty and relatablility...thanks for sharing