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01 November 2009

I am a Good Person

Why does everyone wish I would be more like my brothers? Why am I not good enough as I am?  Why must everyone try to make me into someone I'm not?  I try hard, I work hard, I want to do things right.  But no one ever appreciates me for me.  I am a good person.  I have feelings, wants, desires, just like everyone else.  But no one ever thinks about that.  All they think about is how much I differ from my perfect brothers.  There's always something I could do better.  There's always something I did wrong.  Everything is always my fault.  Always. 

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  1. they need you to be like the rest because they themselves are to scared to be who they wanted to be , so they became like the others, convinced that it is how to be. Over time, they forgot who they were, and seeing you, scares them and leaves them confused. You be like your brothers for they too conform to the norm.